CSCS Weakens Unlisted Securities Exchange by 0.13%

The NASD Over-the-Counter (OTC) Securities Exchange remained in the red zone on Tuesday after closing lower by 0.13 per cent due to a fall in the share price of Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc.

The stock went down by N1.50 to settle at N17.00 per unit compared with the preceding day’s closing value of N18.50 per unit.

This consequently weakened the market capitalisation of the unlisted securities exchange by N1.39 billion to N1.080 trillion from the N1.081 trillion posted a day earlier.

In the same vein, it deflated by NASD Unlisted Securities Index (NSI) by 1.01 points to wrap the session at 780.77 points compared with 781.78 points of the previous session.

Business Post reports that during the trading day, the price of 11 Plc recorded a jump of N16.94 to quote at N186.34 per unit versus Monday’s value of N169.40 per unit.

The activity chart showed that the volume of transactions shrank by 98.8 per cent to 101,299 units from the 8.5 million units traded in the previous trading session.

The value of shares transacted by the market participants increased by 83.4 per cent to N9.2 million from the N55.4 million published by the bourse at the previous session.

These transactions were carried out in 34 deals compared with the 55 deals executed in the preceding trading day, representing a decline of 38.2 per cent.

CSCS Plc remained the most traded stock by volume on a year-to-date basis with a turnover of 1.1 billion units valued at N21.2 billion, Geo-Fluids stood in second place with 625.8 units worth N1.1 billion, while Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) Plc was in third place with 608.3 million units valued at N48.1 million.

Also, CSCS Plc was the most traded stock by value on a year-to-date basis with the sale of 1.1 billion units worth N21.2 billion, VFD Group occupied the second spot with a turnover of 18.9 million units valued at N4.2 billion, while Geo-Fluids Plc was in third place with 625.8 million units valued at N1.1 billion.

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